Smart Media offers a number of advertising options including Website, Radio Advertising and as a feature in our Online Magazine. These advertising options can range from a single short campaign to prolonged marketing strategy. Make Smart Media part of your advertising team and let us do the shouting for you.


Branding is an important tool in your business Toolbox, get it right and people will gladly share and advertise for you. Establishing and maintaining branding tells your customers who you are, good branding can make you instantly recognisable. Smart Media has both in house and partner designers to ensure you get the right appearance for you.

Digital Media

Digital Media is now the primary method of marketing and getting seen. Over 70% of all product searching is done so on Mobile Devices so any presence needs to be Simple, Quick and easy to access across a number of different platforms. Smart media can provide this service for you without you getting bogged down in technical nonsense.


When its your time to shine Smart Media is here to lend a hand. From simple to complex, Smart media has the experience to provide complete support. From dinners and special events to concerts, races and memorable shows, Smart Media can provide it all from Risk assessments to event support teams.

Logo Design

We want you to be recognised for all your hard work, the right image can do just that. Working alongside our designers couldn’t be easier giving a fresh perspective on your brand and your audience.

Stand Out

Smart Media are continually researching marketing and display possibilities, helping your project stand out from your competitors. From printed media to digital and lighting displays, our innovative approach will leave a lasting impression with your clients.

Be Individual

Wouldn’t life be dull if we were all the same.  There is no “one fit” media solution for all and sometimes what makes us different can be one of our best traits. Working closely with many industries and communities Smart Media is here to help you be you……. Just Better.  

Make an Impression

Sometimes its really important to make the right impression to win that contract or big account. Smart Media is here to lend a hand, from report writing and presentations to after dinner speaker and promotional videos, talk to our media team to find the best solution for you.

Get Seen

Smart Media operates its own online magazine with over 2,000 monthly subscribers. Designed as a feel good read the magazine has a fast growing readership with exceptional response in the Great Yarmouth and Waveney area. Magazine is open to editorials as well as placed adverts with pricing starting from as little as £4 per week, providing exceptional value.

Get Heard

Smart Media’s international jewel is Smart Radio, an online radio station with huge celebrity endorsement and support. This unique independent station provides more live shows than many of the commercial big boys, with a reach of over 1,000 continual listeners and specialist shows reaching many more. Advertising options on Smart Radio start from just £1 per play, with show sponsorship and standalone advertising packages available.